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      "Female voice sings morbidezza coquettish features make; male singers sing vigorous, atmospheric pounds 礡." This is a lot ChenJuan heard singing person gives evaluation. Yichang girl ChenJuan from practice one points NanNvSheng unique changgong sing, which not only let her in my hometown become known singer, but also to her gradually by national audience familiar. In 2005, with the ChenJuan NanNvSheng singing style attended the CCTV xingguangdadao program, every week, month won the champions league and boarded NianSai stage.
      The acceptance of an audience gave ChenJuan great encouragement and support. This years, she followed the CCTV "happy Chinese line", "new audio-visual", "and you meet", "XiangYao", "rural world", "2006 spring yuanxiao party", "QuYuan ZaTan January is party", "charm" Chinese national sing-song program appearances, Last year, she also successful debut solo album I am your moon "; This year, she again launched "dozen lily", "new dragon-boat melody", "dude song," "ba soil has full-bodied amorous feelings" district amorous feelings of new song... Singing in the road, ChenJuan has been hard to hard work.
Capable of NanNvSheng conversion styles
      Young ChenJuan temperament roundly, voice is very thick, parents see her HuTouHuNao looks very cute, also then according to the boy's dress she like. Perhaps is by the parent's influence, at the time of ChenJuan on TV, the recorder played in a wide-ranging songs have a special sensitive, often hear a good song, she will involuntarily follow learning, imitate. To teens, ChenJuan is often comb a boy head, singing songs wide-ranging pronounced shell-grean below, audiences in watching her singing while speculation that she is a boy or girl. Grown up a little, ChenJuan think of oneself is a girl, and shouldn't always sing the song, men should restore girl possible.it instead learn singing female songs. Sometimes in practice the song in the process, ChenJuan will for a while. ?
      ChenJuan's father was very much opposed to her such co-educational sing, once very angry to criticize her: "a girl, you have to sing songs, why not have a good man not to female, basically to sing. Are out!" But in ChenJuan opinion, co-educational sing and is not a bad thing, "relative to the female voice solo, it is a kind of the different forms of, to hear himself sing no impact on others also does not deal damage. And seen or heard I sing, their eyes exude surprise and praise I will never forget, and saw they pleased, I'll happier, more happy, feel oneself life is very meaningful."
      "I am your" singing in a future
      ChenJuan 2005 in the 30's program, the audience to know this set NanNvSheng singing at a suit of tujia girl, in various provinces television in succession to she gave performances invitation. With the popularity of unceasing enhancement, ChenJuan have more opportunities to make senior musician. Once, in accompany young friends o flower to guangzhou when recording, she met a famous musician ZhuDeRong sir. Mr. Chu heard ChenJuan have distinguishing feature extremely the alto, gave a just finish, prepare for creating Taiwan singer of CAI qin songs gave ChenJuan, he felt ChenJuan tone is also suitable for singing this song. Take this song "I am your" GePu, ChenJuan felt very much surprise. "I really like this song, she sing out my heart, over the years, if
      "I am your" after completion of recording, Mr. Zhu ChenJuan performance is very appreciated, decided to give priority to dozen of this song for her creation album repertoire. Yet ChenJuan could enjoy sudden happiness, we devote to nervous album preparation of. September 2008, after months of effort, ChenJuan's 15 years debut solo album, "I am your moon came out. Album, ChenJuan with magnetic thick, integrated with the alto sang the song lyric songs, 12 classical perfect annotation as the moon as abstruse, halcyon, remote songs connotation. "I am your moon for ChenJuan, it has the meaning of landmark, the album was born, to bring her a lot of momentum, also let her see his singing career future.
      October 2009, having attended National Day of a series of activities ChenJuan has begun preparing for their second album, in this album, besides deep with ethnic customs songs will make a full added fans outside, ChenJuan NanNvSheng duet unique changgong will also get incisively and vividly show.
Go to Taiwan find answers
      Student days ChenJuan, because like Taiwanese pop music, to the mysterious land has been a special favor. After be brought up the singer's ChenJuan, often have the opportunity to Taiwan artiste performance, in mouthed witnessed Taiwan peer creative talent, her eyes Taiwan becomes more mysterious. "Taiwan singer, they both are very all-rounder can sing and creation, and creation is excellent, beautiful melodic, the lyrics to push heartstrings. I really want to know what is the cause that they of the creative thinking so quickly." ChenJuan said, if have the opportunity to go to Taiwan, where she wanted to find the answers.
       陈涓2007年曾受邀参加在福建泉州举办的海峡两岸茶博会,茶博会上精彩的台湾茶艺、好喝的台湾乌龙茶都让爱茶的陈涓大呼过瘾。后来,只要有朋友去台湾,都会给陈涓带回些台湾茶叶,而陈涓也在自己未来的台湾旅程中加上了一项—— 品茶。
      ChenJuan 2007 has been invited to fujian quanzhou held across the strait tea abundantmeeting, tea abundantmeeting splendid Taiwan tea art, drink Taiwan oolong tea are let love ChenJuan big shout smash. Later, so long as has the friend to Taiwan, can give ChenJuan back to some Taiwan tea, and ChenJuan also in your future Taiwan journey plus a - tea.
      In Taiwan, many ChenJuan wish, she wanted to boarded there stage, Taiwan for the audience singing NanNvSheng duet songs of tujia nationality, she thought to kenting park to enjoy the scenery of the tropical rainforests, she thought to taitung to see zhang huimei's hometown, she wants to go GaoShanZu folkway folk alishan feeling...